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Aerodynamic Side Skirts

Aerodynamic Side Skirts

Item No.: SS-001
Aerodynamic side skirts made from fiber-reinforced thermoplastic CFRT laminates.
Thermoplastic CFRT Laminates are the subsequent product of Uni Directional Tape. The latter is a new type of composite material reinforced by continuous thermoplastic impregnated fiberglass. The base polymers mostly used consist of PP, PE, PA, etc. Besides the fiberglass, other fibers including carbon fiber, aramid fiber, can also be used as the reinforcement. By lamination into 0/90° cross-ply, multi-layer laminates can be achieved. Owing to the special processing technique by which the base polymer and reinforcement fiber are fused, it can realize the second time of thermoforming for CFRT Laminates.

When it is laminated reaching to a thickness of 3mm, this thermoplastic CFRT laminate will find a great application for producing the aerodynamic truck side skirts.

Options Available
We offer two options in this business case for your reference.
1. We merely supply the thermoplastic CFRT laminates, and your company cuts the laminates into the sizes and shape as per your own design and equip the side skirts with fastening accessories.
2.  Send us your design and we pre-cut the laminates into the sizes and shape as per your design and equip them with fastening accessories before they leave our factory. And this will save a lot of your labor cost. 


Advantages of the thermoplastic CFRT Laminate Truck Side Skirts

① Light weight 
② Environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable
③ Designed for excellent flexibility and durability
④ Highly abrasion and impact resistant
⑤ Easy to install and could be DIY